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Kpop Intros – The Bloody Footsteps

One of the things that makes Kpop music videos Kpop, is the overly indulgent introduction. Well, actually not just the intro, the whole bloody thing is generally self indulgent please-look-at-me-for-15%-to-50%-longer-than-the-length-of-the-song-ness. Or in TVXQ’s case, 200% longer than the actual song … Continue reading

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DBSK’s Saesangs – Fans that love them too much.

I wanted to write a bit about the awesomeness of DBSK before getting into their controversies but recent news compels me to write about their number one hardship; their fans. Seems like a trivial thing to say. “Oh boo hoo, … Continue reading

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Korean Google Searches

Google tries to anticipate what you are searching for based on what other people have been typing into Google. I’m not sure if that’s specifically Korean people typing into Google since it’s Google.co.kr or its a global thing. I saw … Continue reading

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