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DBSK’s Saesangs – Fans that love them too much.

I wanted to write a bit about the awesomeness of DBSK before getting into their controversies but recent news compels me to write about their number one hardship; their fans. Seems like a trivial thing to say. “Oh boo hoo, … Continue reading

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Dongbangshinki aka DBSK aka TVXQ… – Part 1 a Brief Intro

So the real purpose of this post was The Part 2 but, it wouldn’t really be fair to just jump into the middle of a joke and expect everyone to get it. So here is a brief introduction to Dong … Continue reading

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CNBlue – First Step (towards being a pack of douche bags)

I don’t like CNBlue! I’ve only knowingly listened to one of their songs. The song’s not even that bad. However, the music video is terrible! So yes, I am shallow. I dislike CNBlue because of the only music video of … Continue reading

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Korean Google Searches

Google tries to anticipate what you are searching for based on what other people have been typing into Google. I’m not sure if that’s specifically Korean people typing into Google since it’s Google.co.kr or its a global thing. I saw … Continue reading

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Seoul Subway Guidelines

Things to expect when using the Seoul subway system: getting lost, confused, angry, and amazed; getting hit in the sides and head by backpacks and handbags; being stared at as if in the zoo; receiving bruises; and so much more. … Continue reading

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Kpop – Life don’t get better

Miracle – Super Junior OK, a fair bit of an oldie but f*ck me is it a goodie! This has to be one of THE MOST EPIC music video’s I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s got it all; Forced … Continue reading

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Happy Campers

Recently I went camping and was blown away by the Korean level of camping. Locations, services, weather, camper mentality was all pretty cool. Not like Ireland… The Ireland camping scene is pretty shit. It’s just a big pile of dirty, … Continue reading

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