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Shinee Lucifer – So good! Soooo bad – Part 1

Way back when I first came to Korea, a little Korean girl asked me “Teacher, do you know Shinee?” I replied “Whatsa ‘shiny’?” She replied “hul….” Basically the Korean passive version of wtf? So that night I looked up Shinee … Continue reading

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Kpop – Life don’t get better

Miracle – Super Junior OK, a fair bit of an oldie but f*ck me is it a goodie! This has to be one of THE MOST EPIC music video’s I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s got it all; Forced … Continue reading

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Happy Campers

Recently I went camping and was blown away by the Korean level of camping. Locations, services, weather, camper mentality was all pretty cool. Not like Ireland… The Ireland camping scene is pretty shit. It’s just a big pile of dirty, … Continue reading

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