DBSK’s Saesangs – Fans that love them too much.

I wanted to write a bit about the awesomeness of DBSK before getting into their controversies but recent news compels me to write about their number one hardship; their fans.

Seems like a trivial thing to say. “Oh boo hoo, my fans love me too much. What a cruel cruel world~”, but in DBSK’s case, it’s true and when I say fan I mean, criminal psychopathic fans, aka Saesangs.

“Sasaeng” (사생) is short for “sasaenghwal” (사생활), which in Korean means “privacy” or “private life.” Essentially they are the fans who what to know everything about and try to be a part of their idol’s private life. Everyone dreams about having drinks with their favourite celebrity but that’s not what saesangs are about. They take it to a negative, criminal and psychopathic level.

Saesang fans are a separate group to the anti-fans, groups that hate specific idols. Anti-fans known simply as antis, hate their chosen idols and wish harm upon them, which DBSK are also no stranger to. In 2006 Yunho was poisoned by an anti with super glue. After vomiting blood, he was rushed to hospital and later recovered.


As disturbing as that is, Saesangs are worse than antis and the worst saesang fans are known to belong to DBSK. Or you could say DBSK belong to them…

The motivation of an anti is to hurt their targets. DBSK’s antis want to hurt DBSK. Simple.

The motivation of a Saesang is to be remembered by their chosen idols. DBSK’s Saesangs want to be imprinted on DBKS’s life in any way possible, and the easiest way is a negative way. Unlike regular people who at most buy some tabloid magazines with their idol’s photos inside, Saesangs don’t have a line.

There have been many reports, some even occurring  in the news, about Saesang conduct, but here’s the news fresh from today. Note how whenever there is talk of Saesangs, DBSK and JYJ are always involved. Poor guys 😦


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I like to observe things and then make comments about my observations in a humorous fashion; hence the blogging.
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