Dongbangshinki aka DBSK aka TVXQ… – Part 1 a Brief Intro

So the real purpose of this post was The Part 2 but, it wouldn’t really be fair to just jump into the middle of a joke and expect everyone to get it. So here is a brief introduction to Dong Bang Shin Ki (Korean full name) aka DBSK (Korean short) aka THSK (Japanese short) aka To Ho Shin Ki (Japanese full name) aka TVXQ (International short) aka Tong Vfang Xien Qi (Chinese full name). Basically, they all mean or stand for “Rising Gods of the East”.

Who the hell are they? They’re these guys.

DBSK are my favourite K-pop group and second favourite group ever

(my number one band in the world being Nine Inch Nails, weird I know).

DBSK first grabbed my attention as these guys.

It’s amazing how a flash of abs can grab your attention.  *Ahem* Anyway, you’re probably thinking, “Hey? Where did those other guys come from? The first vid had two guys in the band and the second had five.”

Well, since early 2010, the five member group became a two member group, due to three of the members suing Sony Music (their employer), about their 13 year long contracts and Sony Music counter suing.

Changmin on the left. Yunho on the right. Still enslaved.

The three guys that left formed another group called JYJ.

Left to right, Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun.
I never noticed before but when they stand together they’re always JJY not JYJ.

JYJ are doing amazingly well in their own right, but until the court case is settled (it’s been going on since 2010) JYJ are technically still members of TVXQ although they’re obviously not allowed to participate in TVXQ related activities.

Here’s a brief intro to who the five guys are;

U-Know Yunho

….. He’s my favourite -_-;;;;

*Ahem!* Alright so, he’s the leader of DBSK, second oldest. He’s one of the best dancers in K-pop, and the main dancer of the group, until DBSK became a two-some and he had to really up his singing skill. He’s a really honest, hard working dude who tries to be manly but has a shy cute side. He’s notoriously messy, vain and one of the worst actors in the universe. He had four episodes in a cop drama and he was so terrible they had him shot so he was still in the show for fans to look at but, he was in a coma and so wouldn’t have to act. He’s forgetful but very sociable and has set up a few charities. Also out of the five guys, he’s the older women’s favourite (check out the woman in the bg. lol)

Hero Jaejoong

Hero Jaejoong is the oldest, the charisma and the clutz of the group. Jaejoong is an adopted son and has eight older sisters. As a result, despite a cracking body, he’s the most effeminate of the group.  Jaejoong is honest in the way where he just says whatever is in his head and he doesn’t really give a f*ck. Well, they’re all kept under the thumb of the company for what they can and can’t do but he pushes the limits the most. He’s good at cooking, takes the most notice about fashion and is an extreme narcissist to the point where he tries to defend that it’s not a bad thing to be a narcissist. If there was a gay guy in DBSK, I’d bet all my money on it being Jaejoong.

Xiah Junsu

Junsu (pronounced Joonsu), is the self proclaimed charisma of the group. The rest of the guys disagree with him about it in public but when ever he’s not there they say Junsu is the mood maker. Junsu has a twin brother Junho and they’ve got such a good relationship that it seems to give Junsu an unstoppable confidence. Junsu is known for having terrible fashion sense as well as a huge butt. He also has the nickname of Dolphin, for being a bit dim at times. Junsu is obsessed with football (soccer) and regularly captains the celebrity team FC Men. Out of DBSK Junsu is the clown, the softie and sometimes the over energetic child.

Micky Yoochun

Micky Yoochun is the dandy boy of the group. In his early teens he and his family moved to The US. While in high school he was scouted by a talent agency and went back to Korea to join SM. Despite going to school in The US for a considerable amount of time, his English is terrible. (I guess he forgot it.) Yoochun is the down to earth one of the group and also the most sensitive. On a show where the group pranked him with a fortune teller saying that he was the reason the group would split in the future, he cried. He works extremely hard in singing, composing and acting. Out of the group he is the best actor known for being the biggest lady chaser.

Max Changmin

Changmin is the tallest and youngest of the group although he is known to act like a grandfather. He is the most serious and black and white thinking of the group. He judges things on practicality rather than aesthetics and so he naturally doesn’t get along with Jaejoong the narcissist. However, Changmin is obsessed with food and eats like crazy but doesn’t gain any weight. Since the split of HoMin (DBSK with only Yunho and Changmin) and JYJ, Changmin has matured a lot. He is the quiet one of the group but like Jaejoong, speaks his mind when he chooses to. If there was only one straight guy in DBSK, I’d bet all my money on it being Changmin.

Doesn’t seem very brief but it is! Actually the whole story of DBSK is pretty amazing. I’ll probably have to write up more about them because of their hardships, their glories and also just ’cause they’re funny guys.

Ooh, aah yoohoo! XD


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  1. It’s really brief. I enjoyed reading it. Accurate too! Thanks for sharing~

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