Korean Google Searches

Google tries to anticipate what you are searching for based on what other people have been typing into Google. I’m not sure if that’s specifically Korean people typing into Google since it’s Google.co.kr or its a global thing.

I saw this idea somewhere on the net but I can’t remember where it’s from. Anyway, it’s not my idea.


“What is that mean”

Judging by Google, I should still have a job as an English Teacher for a while.



“What are these areas of a fetal pig called”




“What are those things that you see in your eyes”


“What are those strawberries”


“What are those funny pictures called”

………. please wait until the bionic Google ‘I see what you see’ update has become available. Only then can we give you a response.


I think for these cases it’s important to know that Google is a search engine, not a mind reader.


About gtothec

I like to observe things and then make comments about my observations in a humorous fashion; hence the blogging.
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