Shinee Lucifer – So good! Soooo bad – Part 1

Way back when I first came to Korea, a little Korean girl asked me “Teacher, do you know Shinee?” I replied “Whatsa ‘shiny’?” She replied “hul….” Basically the Korean passive version of wtf? So that night I looked up Shinee – Lucifer and that’s how I popped my Kpop cherry.

Shinee – Lucifer ……….. it’s just so f*cking good. SOOO Good. It is the essence of Kpop in a distilled time of 3 minutes and 58 seconds. It’s just so genius and perfect, that any remaking of it would surely be a mistake (apart from ecconomically of course). And so Shinee – Lucifer (Japanese Version) was born, and honestly, what a dissapointment. It’s obviously aimed at Japanese people, I’m not Japanese. I hate it. Why? Well first we’ve got to explain what makes the original Korean version so good! Then I can clearly illustrate why the Japanese version is a big bag of hairy anus (figuratively speaking of course).

Shinee – Lucifer (Korean Version)

Honestly, I’ve no idea what this song is about and I don’t care to look it up. Judging by their use of English I’d say, the lyrics are probably not that deep. The only bits I can recall are “Love-aholic, love-atronic. Love-aholic, love-atronic.”, “Marago, marago” which means what what, and something something about a ‘boner’. The song is alright but it’s definitely the video that makes this song legendary.

Bullshit Intro

BIP BIP BIP BIP BIP BIP BIP x4 with a few extra BIPS here and there and that’s it! A total of four seconds! Most Kpop intros are long and full of hidden meaning and deep emotion aka 30 seconds of who gives a toss before the song starts. Not Lucifer – BIP! BIP! BIP! BIP! BIP! BIP! BIP! Does what it says on the tin! While all this BIP-ping is going on, you get some fast cut visuals of Shinee stood in front of shiny cars in a shiny room and ‘sexy face’ close ups of each band member. What are they saying? “Could we be any more Shinee? AND we’re sexy!” This is one of my favourite Kpop intros. It’s basically like getting attacked about the ears and eyes by a proverbial Kpop c*ck.


Well, Shinee seem to be trapped in a series of shiny rooms or dingy tunnels. All of these rooms/tunnels are haunted by a ghost who manifests himself as a bunch of wispy lines of colour. Shinee perform a sing and dance and with their power combined, the spirit is exorcised!

Focal point?

The Kpop Experience

“WTF are they wearing?!” Seems to be a universal statement upon first viewing of this video. Closely followed by “Is that a chic or a dude?” followed by “They’re ALL dudes?!? But, but, but, but?!” (As if the Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip Bip bit was foreshadowing this statement.)

It’s the clothes, the make up, the gender bending, the everything! I feel so conflicted loving this video so much. On the one hand its a bunch of not bad looking, skinny, muscly dudes dancing around – yum ^^. On the other, they’re dressed like gaylords, wearing make-up and doing some very feminine dance moves – I think I might be gay ;_;. So I feel intriegued and yet, doubting my sexuality liking this. It’s like playing musical gay chicken.

Honestly, words can’t do Lucifer justice. So here’s a series of images with captions and you can judge yourself.

Dancing in front of a car for no reason, wearing my clothes from the cosplay shop.

Saved by the Bell - Korea

Dude wearing make up and fur.

Its a girl!

Boobs are missing, maybe it's not a girl.


What the hell are you and what are you doing? 😦



The whole thing is a bloody highlight.


Comparison with Lucifer in Japanese in part 2


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