Kpop – Life don’t get better

Miracle SJ Miracle – Super Junior

OK, a fair bit of an oldie but f*ck me is it a goodie! This has to be one of THE MOST EPIC music video’s I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s got it all; Forced smiles, naff clothing, up-beat lyrics, the chorus repeat with an octave raise, not to mention all the cringy cringy gay gay. Who couldn’t love this music video?!

Bullshit Intro

Miracle opens up in the regular Kpop music video fashion with a long-winded intro that has no relevance towards anything! The band group-huddle in what looks like a dance rehearsal studio, probably discussing if they’re all there. Super Junior at the time had 13 band members. THIRTEEN! For our benefit the conversation is sped up double speed to a reduced length of 25 seconds of bullshit. That’s 1.9 seconds per band member.


Super Junior are all hanging around, the majority of them glum. A couple of the members walk amongst the down trodden and with the power of song they change their despair into pure joy. The forced smiling is infectious and they collectively announce their new-found optimism by singing “Life can’t get better!”.

Location change and we see a legion of home-made-sign-holding-fans. Super Junior push their way through the crowd (that seem to be there just to poke the band with their signs), and onto their tour bus. While on the bus, Super Junior show their cute/prepubescent side by playing with stuffed animals, each other and themselves (using the stuffed animals as visual aids). Fortunately the private stuff happens at the back of the bus while the rest of the band are at the front busy camera whoring themselves.

Then there’s a brief interlude where the dancing portion of the video becomes the focus of the lone fat guy in Super Junior – Shindong. [Incidentally if you type in Google “Why is there a fat”, it finishes your sentence with “guy in super junior” and the first link will bring you here. ^^]

In his feature display he shows his cute/goofy personality by dancing into a cowboy pose, making his hands into gun shapes while imaginarily shooting as the music goes “pew pew”, while another band member crawls out from in between Shindongs legs and shoots his own imaginary gun…. *Ahem* As if that wasn’t enough, IMMEDIATELY AFTER, in an apparent re-take Shindong gets down on his knees, bounces himself up and down on the floor while pulling back his jacket for the rest of the group to grope his very promonant breasts. Text book cringe moment.

Location change again. Some of the band go to the roof for a good ol’ night time sing while the rest f*ck around while their stylists work. Group huddle – this time it’s only a five second roll call, and then off to the ball with yee. The rest of the video is Super Junior at a concert dancing in front of their adoring under age fans, too young to show their faces as they were clearly there without parental consent.


Naff hand me down fashion.  – Through out but especially 0:33

Forced Smiles – Through out but especially 0:58

Overly happy to be on the phone  – 0:46

Wanking stuffed animal into another guys face – 1:44

Cringe – 2:25

über Cringe – 2:50

Awesome face – 3:25


Miracle by Super Junior is definitely an all time classic. What it lacks in musical appeal it more than makes up for in balls to the wall cringe factor, sprinkled with the delicious aura of “They’re all gay… They just haven’t realised it yet.”



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  1. Your Kpop reviews are AMAZING. 😀

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