Happy Campers

Recently I went camping and was blown away by the Korean level of camping. Locations, services, weather, camper mentality was all pretty cool.

Not like Ireland… The Ireland camping scene is pretty shit. It’s just a big pile of dirty, smelly, unsafe, cold, grossness. Unless you’re at a music festival, in your twenties and are willing and ready to put up with crap to save monies, or you’re a Jippo, there’s no reason to camp in Ireland… ever.

In Korea, seems like if you have a family or some free time it’s the thing to do. Having seen how they do things, I say damn right!

What makes camping in Korea different? First of all they know how to camp the right way.

Step 1 – Fuck Nature!

I'll just blast "Sounds of Nature Vol.5" from my surround sound speakers.

Nothing like being one with nature and sleeping in the wilderness while the hydraulics on your car gently rock you to sleep.

Step 2 – I’m gonna have me some fun…

One time when I was 20, I was in the woods in Ireland with two mates. We walked till we got bored and then stood and did nothing. Then my best mate saw a plastic pint glass/cup on the ground and put it upside down on a wooden pole. Then he goes “Lets see if we can knock it over by throwing stones at it, so we stood about 15 meters away and threw stones at it for like 20 minutes till we knocked it off. – That’s called fun with nature in Ireland.

What do Koreans have?

I guess he got bored of throwing stones.

Nothing says countryside like fresh road kill. They got proper toys for the kids to go play with, unsupervised no less so everybody’s happy. So while little Kim Min Gyu (aka Johnny) goes and plays, what do the adults do?


One of the benefits of raising independent children; they don’t have to sit and wait for you to finish your drink. Also there’s something to munch on when they come back with roadkill.

Step 3 – Foresight.

There comes a point that when you immerse yourself into something new, the novelty wears off. “Ok. I’ve been out in the woods for several hours now… I know what a tree looks like, I just wish I could compare it to what trees look like in say.. Gears of War 3?” (There’s no trees in Gears of War 3 you say? Well I guess I’ll have so search harder!) The Koreans have this totally figured out.

I call this masterpiece, "Tent in a Tent with a TV".

Not only do they leave their TVs on with nobody watching (Just like home.), they got their smart phones, iPads, Kakao Talk. They’re never disconnected from their online lives. So when they’re done taking photos of the beautiful place they went to and get all the bragging rights of going there, they still get to do what they enjoy most on a daily basis.



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I like to observe things and then make comments about my observations in a humorous fashion; hence the blogging.
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